Capstone Projects at BACS

As the end of the year approaches, we find ourselves thick in the season of capstone projects. Earlier this month the sixth grade hosted their annual Country Fair. Twenty-eight nations were represented by sixth graders who were eager to share the research they had been doing over the past several months. Last Thursday the third grade completed their study of Greek mythology by performing a much-loved pair of musical plays. This week the second grade will be having an ancient Egyptian celebration where the students can demonstrate to their families the many aspects of ancient Egyptian culture that they have learned. Also this week is the fifth grade’s Colonial Day. This is an opportunity for the students to become re-enactors of colonial tradespeople for visitors and other students.  All these projects represent a lot of hard work on the part of students and they feel proud to share the product of that work with others. They are a nice way to begin wrapping up our academic year.

Greg Henderson