Beans for Jeans

A recent article reported that the average American is exposed to 5,000 advertisements each day.  This means that 5,000 times every day we are told that our lives could be a little better than they are now.  It’s no wonder we have such a hard time feeling satisfied with what we have.  When Sarah Jospeha Hale campaigned for Thanksgiving to become an annually recognized holiday she hoped that it would serve as an opportunity for Americans to look past their problems and see the blessings in their lives.   We hope that everyone has an opportunity this week to pause, take stock in what they have, and to be thankful.

One of the many events that took place at BACS this week was our Beans for Jeans food drive.  Over the past week, students, teachers and staff members brought in dry and canned goods to be donated to the Green Light Food Pantry.  This food bank, run by the Drueding Center, provides food to over 60 struggling families.  On Wednesday we will all celebrate our collection of beans (and other food) by wearing jeans.  I enjoyed seeing the collection of food grow throughout the week as students stopped by to drop off their donations.  It is our hope that this event served as an opportunity for our students to actively think, in this time of gratitude, about how they can help others.

Greg Henderson