BACS Workday Coming Up May 3rd

This year’s work day is scheduled for May 3rd from 9am to 2pm.  We have all types and skill levels for the projects planned so everyone who wants to help out can easily participate.  Along with community building this event has a direct impact on making the school safer, cleaner, and more beautiful. It makes a big enough impact that we can all see the results of that day.  From the past events, I have particularly loved hearing the comments that were made by the teachers.  They really appreciate what we can do when we all pitch in.

To help with planning for the projects, and also provide for the child care offered and plan for the provided lunch, it would be great to know the total of number of participants in advance.  I ask that you take a minute to fill out this form: BACS Spring Work Day 2014  and return it to the school. 

Scott Nash