Appreciation for Our Volunteers

This coming Friday, BACS will be having a small gathering to show our appreciation for our volunteers. At nearly every minute of every day, there are volunteers in our building. We have had over 65 volunteers donate time to our school over the course of the year. So far we have received over 3,000 hours of help from parents, relatives and community members. The time they have given, which ranges from a single project to a remarkable 450 hours, goes a long way in helping us provide a high level program to our students.

Their hours binding books, for example, let students feel that their writing is becoming a published product rather than just an assignment. Their time in the classrooms allow for more students to receive individual support in areas ranging from research, math, and writing to heating up lunches and bundling up for winter recesses. The periods they spend playing math games let students learn in ways different than the daily lesson. It would be hard to imagine displaying all the student work in the halls without our team of volunteers managing the bulletin boards. These are just some examples of the work that they do, all of which improves the students’ experience here. We are indebted to them from what they have given us and our students.

~ Greg Henderson