Another Successful 7th Grade Carnival

Last Friday was the 29th annual 7th grade carnival. What an important opportunity the teachers and parent volunteers provide for the students. The 7th graders learn so many lessons through the process of planning, executing and cleaning up the event. These lessons include such things as working in groups, problem solving, time management, advertising, public speaking, communicating with adults, and even how to mop a floor. Another skill these older students get to practice is how to interact with the younger children that visit their stations. This year’s class, as many have before them, remembered that the focus of the event was not on them but rather their younger customers. My favorite part of the carnival is hearing the twelve and thirteen-year-olds helping preschoolers and primary students, as it reminds me of just how fortunate we are to have the student body we do. I was glad to hear that the class was able to reach their financial goal, earning enough money for their class trip to Gettysburg. I’m sure this helps them feel an even greater sense of accomplishment in a job well done. Thank you to all who came and to all who supported our students. And congratulations to the 7th grade on putting on such a great event.


Greg Henderson