Building Project Community Meeting

Bryn Athyn Church Meeting to Determine Future Building Project

CANCELLED – Will be rescheduledHeilman Hall


Work has taken place over the last few years to study our facilities and to make plans for improvements to them. We are excited to reach a point where these plans are ready to be shared publicly. This will happen at a meeting hosted by the Bryn Athyn Church on Wednesday, March 18th at 7:30pm in Heilman Hall. Meeting cancelled but will be rescheduled. After the presentation and a question and answer session, the members of the Bryn Athyn Church will vote on whether or not to proceed with the facilities project.

It is important that members of the Bryn Athyn Church attend this meeting so that they can be part of the process and participate in this important vote. There needs to be 150 members in attendance in order to reach a quorum.

Even if you are not a official member of the Bryn Athyn Church you may be interested in attending the meeting to learn about the direction of this project which is designed to improve the spaces for the elementary school, preschool, pastor’s office, and society building.

Being baptized into the New Church does not automatically make an individual a member of the Bryn Athyn Church. If you would like to become a member or have questions about the process, you can visit or call the Pastors Office at 219-947-6225.

We hope to see many of you at this important meeting.

Greg Henderson