Educational Enhancement Fund

We would like to let you know that there is a change this year in the way in which you can give financially to the school. In an attempt to add more clarity to your giving, this year we are introducing a fund which we are calling the Educational Enhancement Fund. Money given to this fund will be spent exclusively on materials and activities that enhance the students’ education. A list of these can be found below. The budgeted cost for these enhancements is $20,000. Rather than have students bring in money each time one of these events occurs, we are asking that parents, grandparents, and community members give to the Educational Enhancement Fund. If at the end of the year we have raised the necessary $20,000 then these activities and materials will be included again in the next year’s curriculum. If more than $20,000 is raised, the surplus will be held to pay for the enhancements the following year. The money raised for the Educational Enhancement Fund will be used exclusively for these budgeted items.eefcollage3

However, we ask that you also remember that on most days school happens in the classroom and not on a field trip. Just as we need funds for these enhancements, we also need support covering our day-to-day operational costs. This fund is a different fund which can be given to by directing your gift to “school contributions – unrestricted.”

The Bryn Athyn Church School is indebted to the many ways in which you support the school. We hope that this change will add clarity your financial giving.

Educational Enhancement Fund Items

  • Trip to the Philadelphia Zoo
  • Trip to the Adventure Aquarium
  • Trip to the Mercer Museum
  • Rock Climbing Trip
  • Classroom Gardens
  • School Assemblies
  • Trip to U of Penn Archeology Museum
  • Patriotic Festival
  • Bus to Maxwell Mansion
  • Christmas Program
  • Graduation
  • Trip to Tyler Arboretum
  • 7th Grade Girls Trip
  • Worship Flowers
  • Trip to Churchville Nature Center
  • Field Day
  • Extra Teacher Requests
  • Visit to Constitution Center and Independence Hall
  • Visit to Briarbush Nature Center
  • Rides to Glencairn
  • 8th Grade Boys trip
  • Special Programs at Glencairn
  • Rides to the Cathedral